Woz Causes Alley Party Downtown

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 7.40.03 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 2.27.16 PMWoz Supposedly dices up a stew of beats and bass from Ang Kerfoot, Montana Jose, LoonyGoon, and his Greasy Beat grabbag, topped with his own homemade synth loops, and finishing with fresh synth loops created on-the-fly. The Alley next to The Utah House became a clot in the First Friday bloodstream as downtown walkers pooled and boogied. The booty-movement influence is unceasing. Special thanks to Aaron of Frying Mindset and Spacey Blur, as well as guest MC Tobias.
(see full article for detailed credits on samples)

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“Ogdentrans” the TSI Nonprofit Awareness performance /chillout

Joseph Anthony Wozniak Performs nearly two hours of downtempo delight with special guest Monica Sterling Live at Rachel’s Kitchen for the TSI Nonprofit Awareness Art Show inside the Ogden, 150 N. Las Vegas Blvd. May 30th, 2015. Their exquisite completely-improvised background music can now be yours. Perfect while you study, dine or commute. Woz Supposedly seamlessly mixes low-key beats while noodling and looping beautifully-flawed synth, electric piano and mandolin. Sterling shreds piano throughout. Cameo sample by Montana Jose. Visit http://tsilasvegas.com/ for more information. Continue reading

Forgotten City Live feat Ang Kerfoot, Anda Volley, Andrew Scandal

@malojonesandthetsunami and @angelakerfoot battle with the echoes of their affected voices over @joseph-wozniak ’s on-the-fly synth loops and improvised arrangements of the greasy beat collection behind cleverly triggered bits of music by himself as well as samples courtesy @montanajose. Additional vocal cameos by Dolll (@cocaineqwack), @anda-volley, and @andrew-scandal. Performed live at Forgotten City Center Stage Fri. May 22nd 2015. Part of the @greasy-conversation family