♪#3 Sesh #2 “that baja tequila clockwork”

Deep bass warning. Starting dark and dramatic, a mechanical-but-human arpeggiation begins. Just after halfway, an instrument swap happens. With Art on drums, Daniel on keys, and Woz on guitar, things get like Eddie Money’s Latin shoreline. In the end of the first half it’s really hard metal for a spell, then later, so intensely and unexpectedly pretty. New sound treatment and mics coming next Jamb, prepare for increasing clarity.

♪#3 Sesh #1 “if you’re gonna talk, make it about me”

keeping it more about the beat and less about a ton of chords or keys, beyond funk into our wanna-be jazz pulses. Art makes guitar-cries. These are good. Not so good that Woz forgot the phantom power on the overheads and Malo had a cable fail. Science in progress.