Getting to Feature at Wired for Sound

Thanks Jeremy from Ossum Possum for honoring us by letting us get to be the feature at this amazing open mic. So great to meet some really talented folks gettin’ their stage legs with us. and thanks Grouchy John’s Coffee!

☕️ Wired for Sound Open Mic features #greasyconversation

Posted by Greasy Conversation on Thursday, December 7, 2017

see a different angle and the whole night in the full post: Continue reading

Live at ReBar

GC does the music at ReBar
visuals by Woz, Ang Kerfoot, Space is Green/Florhalie

ReBAR @ live yeah @Joseph Wozniak

Posted by Greasy Conversation on Thursday, November 2, 2017


Live Music Action at Hop Nuts Brewing for Low Key Zine

thanks Low Key Zine for featuring us in the limited edition cassette episode instance #2! (check it out here too)

#GreasyConversation at Hop Nuts Brewing for Low Key zine

Posted by Greasy Conversation on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

the talk show EPISODE 4

it’s the senior show, we should have this down by now, but we haven’t lost that youthful spark of slapdash human patina. It’s like the post-punk of talk shows. It’s like that early emo when it meant something, but like the talking version.

the talk show #drivehomelive with #greasyconversation

Posted by Greasy Conversation on Friday, August 4, 2017


ReBAR Video is up!

Visuals by Ihara Dutra, Cameras by Jason Platz, Jade Loghides, Spacey Blur, Doubler, Ang Kerfoot, Joseph Wozniak. Sound by Chris Vex, Location by Derek Stonebarger. ReBar is a Bar and Vintage Novelty Store in the heart of the Las Vegas Arts District on Main Street.

👨‍🚀 Math Hug Astronaut, Get Off The Floor – Griffin 4d

multicam/multitrack audio simulation of microgravity/multi-gravity from near-earth orbit and below. Mostly ocean.

Concept: Greg Brown
Camera: Aaron Frying Mindset
Camera: Nancy Lynne Tietjens
Editing: Woz Supposedly
Dog: RipTide