?#8 We Are Getting Better At Doing Things More

5greasy-conversation_alexis-hart3D post-processing and binaural AB mic action for extremely immersive drunk conversation about miscellaneous bologna. In this podcast, our intellectual exchanges surround you as we fully explore the stereo field as a natural consequence of our usual hangout shenanigans. There’s even a money-fight.

?#7 “Turbo Kardashian”

greasy_conversation_turbo_kardashian     Learn the “Put Things Inside of Other Things Song” which helps people become pressurized with babies. Get in on the discussion of song names like “Suicidal Fetus aka Salt Dog” and our new “hard rock” anthem “Heroin+Motorcycles” which is written about the State Flag of California.

?#4 “Ball Pit Plans”

Geri Halliwell, Still Got It

Geri Halliwell, Still Got It

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.16.22 PM

We join our four greasy compadres immediately after Jamb #4. Art left his phone recording, and we discovered our golden banter had been captured forever. Topics include turning a pool into a ball pit, cougars vs children and pets, and the social responsibility of our unquestioning support of a future gay president of any race or gender. This while harboring a deeply-rooted discriminatory bias surfacing as an implied preference for homosexuals that are female. Also, who’s your favorite spice girl? social us back about it #greasyconversation