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Fine people make even finer choices when they choose Greasy Conversation™

Greasy Conversation will irreparably change every person you contact for the rest of their lives. None of your loved ones will ever be the same, if they even remember who you were before this moment, a moment in which youthful naivety will be replaced with an imprint you will never un-hear.

These Las Vegas, Nevada Broadcast Professionals are embarking on two endeavors:

1. A Weekly Talk Show where news is distilled and games are played. We spin the wheel of wheels to determine which wheel we spin.

2. A Band of Jam-Prog Virtuosos specializing in funk/soul-tinted emotionally-gratifying alt-rock headnod music, immaculately rehearsed yet improvisationally arranged, on-the-fly, by professionals.


A Band, A Talk Show, A Multimedia Enterprise Solution.

The Award-Winning staff at Greasy Conversation™ have been hand-selected from the finest strategic arrangers, of formulaically catchy hook-nuggets, ever to have spontaneously slid into one another’s groove nuggets.

“No singer, just an announcer. Each piece is an arrangement of variations on a theme.”

Do you need music in 30 minute sets? 45 minute sets? Two fifteen minutes sets? We have performances of music in all lengths, even custom orders! Two tens and a forty? You got it! No duration is too short or too long. 15 seconds? no problem. 3 consecutive uninterrupted hours of music? (or “music-equivalent-sound”*) You bet your juicy trousers! You get the best, in any standard or metric quantity, when you choose Greasy Conversation™ for your music needs, because when we aim, we aim to deliver, and we hit our mark, predominantly.

Arrange for some Greasy Conversation™ in your life today by emailing [email protected] or texting a description of your needs to 702-883-4959


Listed in order of most-to-least Hispanic

arturo chavez of greasy conversation with a pumpkin arturo chavez of greasy conversation with a pumpkin
Arturo Chavez – guitar, casio

drummer daniel williams of greasy conversation
Daniel Williams – drums, percussion

joseph wozniak of greasy conversation
Joseph Anthony Wozniak – electric piano, synth bass

malo jones of greasy conversation malo jones of greasy conversation
Malo Jones – words, delays

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*Do not question the specific boundaries of what is and what is not determined to be “music-equivalent-sound.” Over-evaluation of musicality inhibits the mind canvas impeding the reuptake of lower-level pattern interpretation chemicals, chemicals which have been determined by the state of California to improve joy-flow when stored safely away from judgemental over-evaluation. Please enjoy safely.