SEASON PREMIERE episode 1 of season 2, THE TALK SHOW

Chocolate Jesus joins us to make our 5th best episode ever, yay #5! We write a very complex movie where most of the characters die and pull and Obi-Wan, coming back as glitchy holograms. Aaron eats money. There’s a real commercial fusion reactor now. Russia. Giant beach ball antics. And Woz learns how they ‘mill gold’.


SEASON FINALE the talk show EPISODE 27

The Big Game: Puppy Bowl. Josh Cohen teaches us how to bake #doubleflat cookies. Ghosters: The Intangible Coasters. #ShowerToast because toast compliments a show. The blender paradox. Microscopic hammer-head sharks that swim through the human body.


the talk show EPISODE 26

William Davenport, we only ride the finest coattails. Flat-earthers should not be helicopter pilots. Woz learns what Crisis Actors are. Kenya has too many presidents. Billy Corgan does wrestling, in his screaming voice. Astronauts named Glenn are in a movie about an airplane, Will Smith and his son play the engines, their arguments are loud. Your gut biome is taking control and making you eat more potatoes. If someone accidentally dies on your submarine, don’t chop them up! If you have to chop someone up, do what people have done in Vegas from the beginning, Put Them in the Pipes™.



the talk show EPISODE 25

Brian Gibson of Wax Pig Melting joins us for our discussion of Hammock Drones, to carry us around in the sky all cozy. Tide pods melt all your teeth together into one big tooth. Ugandan Knuckles shows us da wey. We even compare and describe various edible weed paranoia flavors.


the talk show EPISODE 24

Exclusive CES coverage, vacuum blender, toothbrush game, scent DJ, VR accessories that blow on your face, zap your head to go to sleep, and more! Also all that speculative execution, last 10 years of Intel processors vulnerable, Meltdown and Spectre bug cyber attack things explained.


the talk show EPISODE 23

New year! Double length! PureJoyPeople join us to break down all the goblins haunting ya in the news. We talk about meat grown in factories without any neurons to suffer. Dogs don’t really understand handshakes. Mushroom controversies of all kinds. Plants hear speakers playing the sound of caterpillars eating them, and decide to change their flavor profile. 17 gnarly shootings last year, only 4 by Muslims, none of which came from countries in the ol travel ban. Drones 4 days, China’s Ehang drone holds people, supposedly.