the talk show EPISODE 20

“Collusion” is the word of the year. Our boy Flynn is in trouble. Oumuamua is the first confirmed visitor from another solar system. Paris has fountains of sparkling water. North Korea tests a legit missile this time.


the talk show EPISODE 19

Gratuitous Clacker Board. Kids cry. Jeff Keebler jokes about Russia. Impeachment kinda. We make a movie about Democratic Russia and the US hacking their emails. Also one of the candidates is a dendrophiliac.

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the talk show EPISODE 18

Bring on Amazon Key. India is all smog. Chinese folks need to stay out of France for a while. Bitcoin ain’t forkin’ after all. Overall, we got a deep and timely episode where we unpack all the greys in recent misconduct allegations in hollywood, but also talk trash from both sides, snuggle victims, and high five our lady friends who just want to live life without having to confront unsolicited wang, like us all.


the talk show EPISODE 17

Skrilly Nelson, the Skrillex/Willie Nelson colab. Google likes the cheese on the bottom. Morgan Freeman is bothered by the discrimination behind the color processing chip that is still disabled on the new Pixel Phone. Hologram Heston in Space Texas.