Rubber Horizon 🌇_NPR Tiny Desk (Griffin 4a)

NPR Tiny Desk Submission: Greasy Conversation: Rubber Horizon
Sponsored by The Lagunitas Brewing Company (who’s products we can personally confirm are delicious)

Director: Joseph Wozniak
Assistant Director: Angela Kerfoot
Concept: Greg Brown
Camera: Aaron Frying Mindset
Camera: Nancy Lynne Tietjens
Band: Arturo Chavez, Daniel Williams, Malo Jones, Woz Supposedly
Dog: RipTide

Full show at Bunkhouse June 9, 2016

greasy conversation, las vegas, kerfoot&dau, wax pig melting, bunkhouse 6-9, 2016 dear friend time, days after hail, GC, Black Water RebellionLive sound by Drew Puzia, final master by Woz Supposedly, special thanks to Ang Kerfoot, Cody Leavitt, Seth Hoka Hey Babcock, Daniel Williams, Greg BrownEly Bascoy, Arturo Chavez and Brian Gibson at The Bunkhouse Saloon. event page:
flier by Torch Fire Labs will have video on each of these bands in this event out shortly, stay tuned.

9:30 – Days After Hail

10:15 – Wax Pig Melting

11:00 – dear friend Time… ft. Wolfie Lazer, Satan Hoka Hey & Typer

11:30 – Sojourner
[email protected]ge

12 Midnight – Dark Water Rebellion

also there’s this, and it’s for your own good, it’s certainly not going to make you feel any worse:




all the details are at his magical link:13293396_831789850286630_1472677602_n

Join us on Misfit Island for Voodoo Tropics, a line-up of the darkest summer originals Las Vegas has to offer. Trust us, Beelzebub himself would approve.
See you June 9th 8p-12a for an electric field of grunge, prog rock, beats, and outlaw croons from your friends:

Wax Pig Melting
Days After Hail
dear friend Time… ft. Seth Hoka Hey
Greasy Conversation
Kerfoot & Dau