👨‍🚀 Math Hug Astronaut, Get Off The Floor – Griffin 4d

multicam/multitrack audio simulation of microgravity/multi-gravity from near-earth orbit and below. Mostly ocean.

Concept: Greg Brown
Camera: Aaron Frying Mindset
Camera: Nancy Lynne Tietjens
Editing: Woz Supposedly
Dog: RipTide

♪#8 Lanyard Territory


all pics this podcast courtesy Alexis Hart

From patient atmosphere to 3/4 polka turbowaltz, we take you on a journey through a canyon cut by rivers of our groovy juice. We intended this Jamb to achieve a quality worthy of requiring Lanyards with Laminated Passes. Confirm:


♪ Haircut Soundtrack

Based on a longing stare at a far-but-still-visible coastline from a 3rd story apartment window. This is the soundtrack we made for woz finally cutting his hair. vfyw-gijon-Calle-Mariano-PolaThat major A to C wall of industry is our theme. Get your old-timey psychedelic moments through patiently calculated crescendos. Video of the haircut is coming soon.

haircut_1cNow With Midi Data!

♪#7 “Saltdog”

colorful_sunsetA showcase of western cultural reference exhibition through groundbreaking auditory psychology. Breathtaking new boundaries are expanded with new guitar-controlled synth from the Chavez camp, augmenting strengthened variations of patterns we have been nurturing for several iterations, as well as entirely new concoctions.vNB-RUbf

♪#6 “Island Ghosts”

oak_island_orb_greasy_conversationWe struck a rich vein here. Skip around to any part and you’ll get a sticky hand from the syrupy hooks coating every surface of this pastoral mountain adventure. Please take upon yourself the implied civic duty to let us know, via social channels, how our efforts to advance emotional manipulation are progressing.

♪#5 “That Sad Laughing”

A monumental achievement in complex melancholy, with monolithic triumph leading to ironic wastelands opening up and resonating until fresh hook seeds sprout grooves and the famine ends. Sara must help us when our kayak becomes stuck in the mud.

♪#4 “Japanese Noise Punk Awareness, Stop Jacking Off & Dance”

tommy_bahama_bananna_fabricSeveral important things happen here. Malo and Drummer make plans to go see Melt Banana, this influences Art on the legend of the 90’s, the SK-5 sampling keyboard, and inevitably Woz forces the will of his latest pair of hook nuggets upon us all. Also, this ends with some of our most Latin moments yet, achievement unlocked. We try to keep it coastal in honor of the new Kerfoot&Dau album Club Tropical, coming out this month.