the talk show EPISODE 19

Gratuitous Clacker Board. Kids cry. Jeff Keebler jokes about Russia. Impeachment kinda. We make a movie about Democratic Russia and the US hacking their emails. Also one of the candidates is a dendrophiliac.

NOTE: Obviously I now realize my encouragement of children screaming and near-constant clackerboard is not conducive to the most comfortable listener experience, I learned, please forgive. I spent too much time in the noise scene. (Look, I don’t want to talk about the mistakes I made with the audio this week, but for the nerds like me here we go: I forgot a cable for my board recorder, mistake 1. Then somehow I fed it too loud to the broadcast pc and that recorded too distorted for me, just a bit to fizzly, even when I pulled out some mids. So I resorted to blending that quietly behind the camera audio with some treble love. Also I was negligent about feedback a couple times and there’s no excuse for that. it won’t happen again.)